Tiensten visits Latin America in search of development solutions

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THE South-South Cooperation (SSC) is a fundamental ingredient in achieving the effective implementation of PNG’s development strategic plan (DSP) recently endorsed by Parliament.
National Planning and District Development Minister Paul Tiensten said this while attending a two- day high level capacity building  SSC conference in  Bogotá, Colombia, last week.  
“The SSC focuses on bridging the development gap by bringing experiences, solutions and technical resources from more advanced countries to fight poverty and improve the quality of life in countries like PNG.
“Experiences shared at the conference reveal that much can be achieved in the exchange of knowledge, skills and technical expertise through the SSC arrangements,” Mr Tiensten said. 
Mr Tiensten and his delegation also visited Peru and Argentina to identify what technical support and expertise can be sought from the Latin American countries to enhance the implementation of the PNG DSP.