Tigers claw Bulldogs

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The National, Wednesday 24th April 2013

 THE Higaturu Oil Palm Tigers clawed M4M Bulldogs 19-8 in the Popondetta rugby league competition round four on Sunday.

This was the first win for the big cats from Siroga village, outside Popondetta township, as they showed their true potential.

The Doggies were unable to contain the Tigers and were handed their first loss of the season to break their unbeaten run.

It was a much needed victory for the Tigers as they were hunting for the right time to strike to restore lost pride and confidence. The win was masterminded by the Pale brothers, Vincent and Frank.

 – with captain Damien Tau, Brian Gurisa – later named man of the match – dominated play in opposition territory. 

They had established an early 12-0 lead at the interval and maintained that to win comfortably.

Doggies Samuel Keko, Collin Papapu, George Bungewa, Farapo Makura and Manson Gawor retaliated but faced tough resistance.

The victory by Tigers is a warning to Medix and Sangi Spiders that they are back in the winning circle and will be hard to beat this time.

In the other fixture, Medix were leading Sangi Spiders 12-8 but poor lightings forced the thriller to be abandoned by league president Anko Vamage and referee Kila Sibolo.