Tigers must lift

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CMSS Tigers will have to lift their performance against Gelle Hills tomorrow in Port Moresby if they are serious about making the finals of the Telikom National Soccer League (NSL) competition.
A win against Gelle Hills will consolidate their position in the final four because they will be on bye next weekend.
Coach Joowan Jung and his assistant Selan Elizah know how important the game is against the Central franchise.
They should stick to the basics in ensuring the top players take the field rather than pressing the panic button earlier to make unnecessary changes.
Tigers’ defence has been sloppy and shaky and it needs to be tightened up while their midfield collapsed as evident last Saturday, resulting in their huge loss in the semi-professional competition.
Tigers should produce a positive result to claw their way back into contention or miss the 2010 NSL finals.
Four other clubs  –  Gigira Laitepo Morobe FC 21, Eastern Star 21, Esiloan University 20 and Tukoko University 20 –  separated by a point, will also be battling for a spot in the top four.
Gelle Hills, who were on bye last week, will look fresh against CMSS Tigers.
Coach Wesley Waiwai and his assistant Lua Vagi will know doubt field a strong side that will win the game to stake their claim in the finals.
Leana Geno and David Kila in the midfield should shine for the Hills while Absolom Waluka and Billy Pakup will take on the Tigers’ defence.
It should be an interesting match as teams trying to win their matches to secure their spot.
In Lae, the double header matches would see Esiloan University take on Niupetro Fox while Gigira Laitepo Morobe FC will play Besta PNG United.
The unofficial points ladder has Hekari United 33, Tigers 23, Gigira Laitepo Morobe FC 21, Eastern Star 21, Esiloan University 20, Tukoko University 20, Gelle Hills 15, Niupetro Fox 10 and Besta PNG 7.