Tigers must sack assistant coach

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, May 20, 2011

THE Lae Snax Tigers team has some good players who show what they can do.
The franchise owner, Lae Biscuits, has put a lot of money and effort into the team and the cheer leading girls is a step forward.
But it is disappointing to see the team losing two games in a row.
It is apparent the pro­blem lies with the coaches.
In fact, I do not know who the coach is except the assistant coach Paul Emika in the two games.
Rugby league is a body contact game and needs coaches who are experienced, played top level footy and can motivate his players.
In short, we need someone who knows what he is doing.
You do not expect a reserve grade player in local competition to become a coach role in the semi-professional game.
Has Emika ever played an inter-city game or any A grade game before?
He was a reserve grade player for Morobe Tigers and was well known for his hot air.
As far as the supporters are concerned, he should be sacked immediately if the Tigers were to be a formidable team.
I call on the management to get rid of him as assistant coach.
He is a good salesman but not a coach or assistant coach.


Frustrated supporter