Tighten laws, Govt told

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A COMMUNITY leader in Western Highlands is calling on the Government to tighten up laws.
Michael Wamp from the Moge tribe living in Mt Hagen said law and order was a big problem affecting people and business houses nationwide.
“Law and order is pushing back the development of the country and scaring away investors.
“With the multi-billion kina LNG project coming up, law and order problems are likely to increase and the Government needs to prepare how to deal with escalating law and order problems.
“If not, police will have a tough time trying to maintain order because they are now under funded and lack logistical support and resources,” he said.
Mr Wamp said many foreign investors wanted to invest in the country but because of the law and order problems, “they are not prepared to take the risk”.
“Look at the LNG gas project, investors are already being threatened.
“An employee was killed, tribal fights are ongoing in or near the project sites indicating there are serious law and order problems.
“Rape, murder, theft and robberies are very common today and the Government is not taking any action.
“The people are now taking the law into their own hands,” he said.
He said the Government was doing very little to address the problem which was not good enough.
He said previously when elected leaders addressed problems, they would not need police escorts, unlike what they were doing now.
“It is a shame that PNG is declared as a Christian nation, but on the other hand, is run by thugs,” he said.
Mr Wamp said leaders must not blame the people but come up with strong laws.