Tikana LLG has new president

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ONE of New Ireland’s most populated local level government ward, which has been without a president for three years due to legal challenges and uncertainty, now finally has one.
The Tikana LLG, which is one of the biggest beneficiaries of government projects and services, saw its duly elected president Roland Likas sworn in on Tuesday.
The swearing-in was witnessed by Governor Sir Julius Chan and LLG government officials in Kavieng.
Likas will now join other presidents as members of the New Ireland provincial assembly.
Sir Julius, when congratulating Likas, said the long arm of the law would finally put a stop to end the period of uncertainty declaring him as the elected president of Tikana.
He urged Likas to work with the provincial government achieve the spirit of the Malagan declaration in reaching out to the forgotten areas of the West Coast and Islands.
Sir Julius said the government patrols had established areas of need and thanked the acting president, Kalamendi Sukot for his active participation at these patrols in Tikana.
He used the occasion to acknowledge late Rommy Tobo saying his noble contributions in the projects he accomplished, as former president and cabinet chairman for works and infrastructure remain a legacy to his work.
“Let’s all be efficient and earn the respect of the people in order to gain their support for gross output of good governance.”
With entry of the Tikana president, the provincial assembly still has two vacancies in Lovongai LLG and Central New Ireland LLG.
Lovongai LLG remains vacant resulting from disqualification of Gerard Sigulogo as president after successful court challenge of bribery and vote buying and Central LLG following imprisonment of Graham Lali for six months for drink driving.