Time for bigwigs to leave it to the experts

Letters, Normal

THE final score said it all. The PNG Kumuls cannot play rugby league.
Is this the best the PNG can offer on the world stage after more than 50 years of league?
What a disgrace!
The performance of the Kumuls must not be measured in the 160 minutes of torture thus far, but what happened in the lead-up.
The loss of the Kumuls is the result of a corrupt and dysfunctional administration of the game it, namely the so-called bigwigs who have brought the code back by 10 years.
Rugby league in PNG is too important for the big shots to destroy.
The game cannot be left in the hands of an immature and inexperienced person who does not even know what the game is all about.
Such immaturity and inexperience led to the selection of an inexperienced coach and a bunch of players who have no idea about the science involved.
Rugby league is not about brute strength alone.
It beats me that a coach would be more focused on the hit on Lockyer by Yere than the scoreline.
Hello! What is the coach’s strategy or game plan?
There was no direction and creativity on the field – one-up hit ups is the game plan?
You don’t stand a chance against the Australians or Kiwis with that kind of game plan.
Physically, the boys can stand on their own but it is the mental aspect of the game that let us down big time.
An experienced coach would have focused on getting the team prepared mentally instead of running plays.
I urge the big wigs to leave and let those who love the game to run the show.


Ron Ohlshaw         
Via email