Time for Chimbu people to lead us


THE people of Chimbu were torchbearers of the hinterlands and provided the bedrock to nationalism, inclusiveness and united effort to the country in its founding years.
I consider them as the pioneers of Highlands politics, leadership and other development aspects.
Travel through the central part of the Highlands and you’ll encounter breathtaking rocky landscapes, rolling steeps and tranquil farms.
You’ll meet the Chimbu people, whose history is one of pride, hospitality and the curiosity to reason things.
Travel through time, you’ll meet Kondom Angaundo, Kaman Dai, Sir Iambakey Okuk, Sir Ignatius Kilage, John Nilkare to a name a few, who lit the torch and carried the standard.
Time unearths quality leaders.
Today marks an era where Chimbu should reassert its place in history.
One day, a Chimbu will become prime minister, but today, let us position ourselves to that cause. Let us all build that dream together.
If all Chimbu people can unite across the various walks of life – forming a human chain that stretches from Kerowagi to Karamui-Nomane or Gumine to Gembogl – and demand our place in national leadership, surely we can force a date with destiny.
I am sure there are many capable people in the province, but if you could pardon me, I see the young engineer Sam Kaupa has the fighting spirit of a Chimbu warrior.
Good luck to him and those intending the next election.

David Lepi