Time for Govt to overhaul NHC

Letters, Normal

I APPEAL to the management of the National Housing Commission (NHC) and the Housing Minister to look into the administration of the North Waigani hostel.
Water was disconnected in the second week of last December for non-payment of water bills and we, the tenants, have been fetching water from a broken water pipe since then.
I don’t think the NHC should use the excuse of illegal tenants for being the cause of the high water and electricity bills when, as the landlord, it has the legal and administrative mandate to do something about it.
Your strategy of appointing a new manager for the hostel has proven to be highly ineffective and the situation has gone from bad to worse.
The legal tenants can only honestly pay our rentals in return for no service from the NHC.
With all due respect to well meaning politicians and leaders who continue to blame the public servants for being unproductive, I want to ask a question: “What have you done to improve the housing needs of public servants?”
I believe a complete overhaul of the NHC administration is long over-due.
We need new blood in top management, not recycled officers.
It would be good if NHC were to emulate PNG Ports and Post PNG.
NHC needs an independent and experienced professional to turn it around.
It is a golden goose but the Government is not looking after it at all.
I challenge the Public Enterprises Minister and Housing Minister to wake up and be innovative when dealing with NHC. 
Do something different to expect something different.


Victimised public servant
Port Moresby