Time for Hickey to step aside for true Bogia son

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday February 6th, 2014

 THE  letter  by  John Kirakar (Jan 21) is a true reflection of the current three-time MP for Bogia. 

There is hardly any real development there in the last 15 years. 

The people of Bogia have been blinded by the member’s gimmicks and the lack of education among his support base in the Lower Ramu area does not help. 

There are no proper medical and educational services for the people in that area and yet  they blindly support him. 

They even used traditional initiation rites and ceremonies to make John Hickey a local chief in the Guambeng  and  Banis Cow area, which is why  he  is  holding  power. 

The Bogia people are blessed with some of the most highly educated people in the country. 

Bogia has produced some of the country’s top brain surgeons, heart surgeons, national and supreme court judges, senior magistrates, lawyers, engineers and business graduates. 

The cream of these people  come  from  the bush and  mountains of Mikarup where, according to local legends, life began. 

However, Hickey has really denied the people their  rights to enjoy tangible developments as experienced  in  other parts of this nation. 

I wish the Bogia people had elected one of their own highly-educated sons or daughters  to bring change to the electorate. 

Richard  Maru is a shining  example  of  an  MP   who has the heart for this people of Yangoru-Sausia and so is Sam Basil of Wau-Bulolo. 

I appeal to the people of Bogia to open their eyes and ears. 

This should and must be the last few remaining three years for Hickey. 

Come the 2017 elections, a true son of Bogia must be elected. 

In  the  last  election,  there was supposed to be a good challenger, but unfortunately, due to the a death in the family, things did not work  out  and  Hickey  is still here. 

But this time, we will take the chieftaincy back and a real Kukurai from Mikarup will challenge him  come 2017. 


Igorian Aruam

Port Moresby