Time for Lae to get rid of thugs

Letters, Normal

LAE may be the second largest city in PNG but it has lost its sense of humour, pride and peace.
It is now being ruled by thugs.
In the last 10 years, Lae has known nothing but negativity.
It is also known as “pothole city”, “city of pickpockets and street sellers”, “polluted city” and now “crime city”.
The pickpockets hang around town, market and Eriku bus stops – the biggest and busiest bus stops in the city.
Everyday, we see the travelling public being harassed by thugs.
During rush hour, you are not only rushing to get onto a bus but also trying to run away from the thugs.
If you fail to get on a bus, the chances of you being harassed increases.
The entire population of Lae is under siege.
What I want to know is why the authorities are not doing anything and how can we solve this problem.
Law enforcers have failed to protect the citizens and Morobeans are losing their “freedom of movement”.
It is time for the peace-loving citizens of Lae to make a stand.
NGOs, churches, business houses, the authorities and the people must work together to get rid of thugs in Lae.


Foxy Emo