Time for Lam to step down

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 I FEEL for the current Kumuls’ players because most of them are playing out of their usual accustomed positions. 

What saddened me most was seeing Dion Aiye carried off the field due to an injury to his knee. 

The PNG rugby followers know well that Dion Aiye is a specialist five–eighth for the Rabaul Gurias. 

The Gurias have been successful because of Aiye and it was unusual for him to be playing out of position in the forward. 

I do not know the extent of the injury but from what I saw, Dion was in severe pain. 

If he was playing in his usual role, I do not think he would have been injured. 

David Mead, Neville Costigan, Ray Thomson, Paul Aiton and Jason Chan were just decorations on the field. 

They were not passionate and did not put any effort into this game despite Adrian Lam boasting about these international players and criticising local talents.

Lam never took heed of warnings about the kicking role given to David Mead during the warm-up game against Scotland. 

I have not seen a goal kicked by David Mead at NRL 2013.

Ase Boas is the top goal kicker for Rabaul Gurias in 2012 and 2013, Sabastian Pandia is the best goal kicker for Vipers, Joe Parker, Menzie Yere, Israel Eliab, Larsen Marabe and Charlie Wabo just to name a few players that could have kicked the three goals missed by David Mead. 

In terms of leadership role for the team, I thought Ase Boas, Larsen Marabe or Menzie Yere would be the appropriate choices as captain prospects. 

They have been team captains unlike Costigan who is not even a captain at NRL level. 

This was an unfamiliar choice and I cannot understand why the coach went out on his own way to choose him.


Walter Elizer Nuak, Via email