Time for leaders to clean their act

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to tell my fellow countrymen and women that there is no place like Papua New Guinea elsewhere.
PNG is so different in all areas and we are blessed with many natural resources.
But one thing that worries me most is corruption.
It has entered every fabric and level of Government, especially those in positions of power.
When I ask myself what is the root source of all corruption, it leads to the boys from the Haus Tambaran.
Our country is the richest in this part of the world but I am sorry to say most of that has been diverted elsewhere.
The deadly virus known as corruption has multiplied in all levels of Government.
Funds have gone missing, Air Niugini is having maintenance and pilot problems, the sheer waste of funds in buying the executive jet, one inquiry after another without ever implanting the recommendations, and the list goes on.
It is time for our leaders to change their attitude and get rid of their corrupted behaviour.
Only then will the country change for the better.
When leaders stop stealing, the people will follow suit.
Leaders must be accountable for the actions.


Concerned overseas PNGian
Via email