Time for Maue to ring in the changes

Letters, Normal

MANY Papua New Guineans are happy with the appointment of former ambassador Michael Maue as the new secretary for Foreign Affairs.
He is the right choice for that job as he is not only capable but is a veteran in the department.
While being the ambassador to Japan for many years, he has served with dignity and has done a lot for Papua New Guinea, including building the new PNG chancery in Tokyo, the LNG Nippon Gas deals, fishing, mining, investments and human resource development, among others.
I have the honour of experiencing his service as ambassador and noticed his immense passion for motivating and encouraging Papua New Guineans in many ways.
He is not only a career ambassador but a steadfast diplomat with remarkable tact and skills to pursue PNG’s foreign policies abroad.
In PNG, we operate on two main systems of appointing diplomats; one that allows career diplomats who are trained and the other that allows politically-appointed people, who are usually cronies of those in power.
Mr Maue fits the first one perfectly and PNG needs more diplomats of his calibre.
I salute and congratulate Mr Maue.
I hope you will continue to uphold those values and take PNG to another level at the international arena with decisions based on rationale.
Domestically, certain elements within the department have become targets of major criticisms.
The ball is in your court now to give the department a good shake-up, restore confidence and bring back the lost glory so that we can lift our heads once again and proudly call ourselves Papua New Guineans.


Samuel Roth