Time for our leaders to make a stand

Letters, Normal

IT is a concern the management of the people’s affair is being handled poorly by the very people we gave the mandate to represent us in Parliament.
There is no doubt many things were done with good intention but the damage done and continues to happen outweigh the good.
The public servants are not delivering services and controversial issues are not being addressed appropriately.
Many of our MPs have outstanding issues hanging over them.
I am just a small fish in the land of the unexpected but the people whom I associate with agree with me that many of our leaders have messed up big time.
What goes around comes around as the saying goes and I am a firm believer of this. 
If you are a leader and fails to stand up for what is right, turns a blind eye on corruption, all these will come back and haunt you.
You will be held accountable.
Leaders are entrusted to fight for what is just and fair and serve the people – that is their responsibility.
Obviously, politics have blinded many of our good leaders.


John Iru