Time for SHPG to invest on its people

Letters, Normal

I support the letter “Agiru’s free education a flop” (The National, Oct 9) by “Ipa Tebi” relating to the standard of education in Southern Highlands.
His comments were right and precise.
Successive provincial governments in Southern Highlands failed to formulate a transparent policy framework for education to serve as the blueprint.
Governor Anderson Agiru is quick to run to the media to announce every development, no matter how small.
The provincial government boasts about the massive LNG project and the expected cash flow and the number of people who will have paid jobs.
But the bottom line is: Did our provincial government invest in human resources to cater for this expected economic boom?
I am a product of the Enga provincial government’s free education policy and count myself lucky despite being a Southern Highlander.
I call on the SHPG to seriously consider the following:  
* Scrape the defunct secondary school free education policy and convert it into a free tertiary education policy (this is working extremely well in Enga); 
* Build a major technical college in SHP and sponsor all students from the province undertaking all technical trades (welding, electrical, plumbing, etc);
* Abandon the Hela Technical Secondary School and its resources reallocated to other worthy causes; and 
* Recruit qualified teaching personnel with lucrative incentive package.
These are simple but formidable set of alternatives that has the potential to drive us forward in the long term.

Ipa Yaru