Time for Silupa to help tertiary students

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the report about Unggai-Bena students receiving subsidies (The National, Oct 8).
I commend the MP and Minister for Environment and Conservation, Benny Allan, for helping Unggai-Bena students in tertiary institutions throughout the nation.
Developing and empowering the human resource is the right move.
I would also like to commend other MPs from Eastern Highlands for helping to pay the school fees of students from the respective districts.
I am not from Unggai-Bena but from Lufa.
However, I am ashamed to say that Lufa students attending tertiary institutions have to pay 100% of our school fees because our MP Yawa Silupa is not bothered to help us.
We have been sending letters to his office asking for some help but have received no reply.
I wonder what Silupa is doing as there are no tangible projects in the electorate either.
I suggest he stops building castle in the air.
It is time for him to start developing the human resource from Lufa and tell us his plans in the final 18 months or so in office.


Lufian soul
Via email