Time for the Grand Chief to call it a day

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 3rd January 2012

I THINK Sir Michael So­mare should consider reti­ring from politics now than later.
His health is more im­portant than politics.
The stress related to running PNG could see him ending up in hospital again.
His has done what he could for the country and there is nothing more he can offer to the people.
Times have changed, the mindset is different and today’s technology is outdated tomorrow.
It is best he calls it a day.
He needs to rest after undergoing three heart surgeries.
Spending 43 years in politics is far too long.
PNG is now in a chaotic situation and part of it can be attributed to Sir Michael’s poor leadership.
If we were to really analyse it, PNG has never developed under the lea­dership of Sir Michael.
Allegations of bribery, corruption and mismanagement occurred under his leadership.
Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI) said PNG was the most corrupt nation in the South Pacific.
We are ranked 154 out of 182 nations.
What does the Grand Chief say about this?
PNG is ranked 153 out of 187 nations in the human development index (HDI).
Both reports show we are in the bottom quarter.
What a shame as we are the biggest country in the South Pacific.
We should be leading the way instead of struggling behind other smaller Pacific island nations.
Where is the windfall money that the Somare regime proudly boasted each time it presented the supplementary budget?
Had these funds been used as intended, our CPI and HDI could have been better. 
As such, I believe it is time for Sir Michael to consider quitting politics for good.
Baroian of Bais
Baimuru, Gulf