Time is right to ban alcohol in PNG

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “Is there a necessity to ban alcohol?” (The National, Oct 13) by “Pless Marn”.
Today, it seems the people have accepted the destructive behaviour of drunkards.
Under the excuse of being drunk, you can insult your neighbours and public, or start a fight or a full scale ethnic warfare, without being charged.
Whenever we encounter a minor problem, we go looking for alcohol.
We also drink to shore up our confidence.
But it does not do that because we are not sober and cannot think straight. 
Alcohol causes marriages to break down and causes social disorder; starts ethnic clashes and rivalries; and the list goes on.
We cannot use the excuse of alcohol generating revenue for the Government or providing jobs for our people.
If we were to think along that line, then it shows how sick our society has become.
If we were to think like the writer, then we are heading for doom.
As such, all the 109 Members of Parliament must introduce and pass a bill to ban alcohol.


Jesch Badekaseh-Man
Port Moresby