Time restricts Gulf’s bid for bemobile Cup

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PNG National Rugby League (PNGNRL) chairman Don Fox yesterday expressed delight in a bid by Gulf province, to enter a team in the  bemobile Cup challenge.
Fox, however, advised the intending side, the Sapeas (Crocodiles) that time restrictions showed no chance of them entering the nine-team competition this year.
However, he was pleased to see that a team from the southern region, in particular, Gulf, making a bid to enter a team because, in his words “of his long association with players from Gulf province”.
He advised the team, which included Gulf Governor Havila Kavo, that the Crocodiles could be placed in a good position to make a 10-team competition next year.
Fox said provided they must fulfil the major criteria of having a home ground, a good sponsor and a compatible management team to take the Crocodiles into a long term commitment.
Kavo was pleased with the response and would give his full blessing to the Gulf Sapea board headed by former Southern Zone representative and senior Gulf public servant Celcius Kose.
He said he would push the case with his board because he deemed the Crocodiles entry as balancing regional representation in the competition.
Kavo added that he had already committed K100,000 to the board to organise and strengthen the Crocodiles’ bid for 2011.
He also added that he would also assist the board to find a suitable sponsor.
In the meantime, Kavo said his government was willing to commit another K400,000 to side.
The Crocodiles are expected to receive a response to their bid before the finals of this year’s bemobile Cup challenge.