Time to abolish Grade 8 exams

Letters, Normal

WITH the new school year just starting, it is disheartening to see that so many young Papua New Guineans not being able to continue their education.
It is about time we abolish the Grade 8 examinations especially in this day and age where every child should or is supposed to have the right to education only for the education system to stop them and throw them out without any alternatives.
Our young ones must be given a chance to excel and an opportunity to succeed.
I believe even poor nations in Africa have no Grade 8 examinations, so why us?
Education is supposed to be for all children as it is a basic right.
Papua New Guineans need to stand up for our children and with God’s help, hopefully someone who has power can make a change.
For people like me who cannot afford to send our children to private schools, it is heartbreaking to see my child at home because he fell short by two points in his Grade 8 examinations.
It is time to do away with the colonial laws and systems and start catching up with the rest of the world.


PNG education
Port Moresby