Time to ban alcohol in Enga

Letters, Normal

The National

Alcohol-related problems are escalating at an alarming rate in Enga. 
While it may be argued these problems are linked to politics, tribal enemies and others, the driving force behind them is alcohol. 
The use and consumption of alcohol has been abused and I believe it is time to call for a total ban.
Wabag town used to be one of the peaceful places, even at night. 
But since the introduction of alcohol and the mushrooming of small huts selling beer, problems started.
I cannot understand the logic of issuing liquor licences without proper assessment.
The local and provincial governments have not conducted any assessment of its effects, benefits or related issues.
No one can deny the fact that everyone living around Wabag are fed up of alcohol-related problems. 
Youths are drinking at the public places with bush knives at their sides. 
Can the liquor licensing officer, town manager or governor as the chairman of the provincial executive committee do something about this? 
Even senior public servants can be seen drinking seven days a week. 
On behalf of the suffering silent majority, I appeal to the five MPs, Governor Peter Ipatas, provincial administrators and other concerned parties to pass a resolution to ban alcohol in Enga.


Frustrated with alcohol-related issues
Port Moresby