Time to bring back vagrancy laws, says Momase’s top cop

Lae News, Normal

THERE is too much freedom of movement in the country which has contributed to the escalating law and order issues, it is time to re-introduce vagrancy laws, Momase regional assistant police commissioner Giossi Labi said.
Mr Labi made this call during the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s 27th Synod last week, when highlighting the need for improved partnership between the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary and the Christian churches serving in the country.
He said the number of crimes being committed and their seriousness was evidence of a society that had a high level of vagrants.
The jail break-outs were further proof, he said.
Some members of the audience supported him, but said the increasing settlements in urban areas of which the government is not addressing will make it harder to implement a vagrancy law if put in place.