Time to carry out executions

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday February 4th, 2014

 IF Cabinet has issued directions to implement the death penalty as it appeared  on  the front page of this paper, then it must be carried out from  now. 

Those who are on death row must pay the price with  their  life  because  they had no sympathy when they slaughtered innocent lives. 

If the people cannot respect  and  uphold  the rule of law, which we derived mostly from the Bible  and if law and order is always an issue and an impediment  to our government bringing the much-needed services to our people, then the government must enforce these tough counter measures so people will know that ,there is a penalty if they do not adhere to the law and uphold them.

I support the government of  Peter O’Neill.  

We have lost a lot of loved  ones  because  of people not having respect for other people’s lives.

If the execution method has been finalised then start carrying out the execution now. 

Danny Kimoi

Port Moresby