Time to change coach, national selectors

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013

 I AM disappointed with the current coaches and PNG national selectors involved in formalising the Kumuls team for the 2013 rugby league World Cup. 

I think PNG has placed too much emphasis on Adrian Lam and the results have shown that we are going nowhere. 

I think we should have our own national coach potentials such as Michael Marum, Leonard Tarum, Stanley Gene and Marcus Bai should come through the national competition. 

I think people like Lam and Mal Meninga should just provide assistance. 

League in PNG at the national level has been run by foreigners for too long and we have not produced any results.

The national selectors for the PNG team need to be changed by now. These people have been there for too long and have not produced results from the teams they select. 

It is good to see young players being selected among the seasonal veterans and one of the things 

that dismayed me is the inclusion of Australian rejects and junior players from Australia’s competitions. 

It seems that the Kumuls team belongs to Adrian Lam. He can call in players anytime and anywhere.

This is unfair to some of the local talents who sweat their guts out in the national competition, but are denied the opportunity to play for the country.

From the Kokopo game and others, some of the most consistent players that have been left out of the Kumuls are Adex Wera, Elijah Riyong and Essau Siune. 

If we are talking about entering NRL competition, we  must start to groom our local talent and give them international exposure at an early stage.

Enough of the veteran players. 

They had their chances and we cannot to continue to face embarrassment and humiliation with big scoreline margins.

Let the people select or have an input so they will own the team.  


John Bria, Via email