Time to change head of state


PAPUA NEW GUINEA’s Constitution should recognise Jesus as the head of state.
I have been stating this in some of my previous letters.
We have to take control of our own country.
I am sure many people will agree with me on this.
We have not been able to take full control of our resources.
We have not been able to benefit well from our resources and land.
We were colonised by foreigners.
We were educated by them as well.
Despite the transition from colony to self-governance and eventually independence, we are still dependent on other countries.
It is also true that we benefited meaningfully from this change.
One word that stands out to throughout my years of research was “proprietor”.
This word, meaning the owner of a business, or a holder of property, is important.
It signifies the true ownership of something.
Currently, the head of state is the Queen of England, which somewhat means she is a proprietor of PNG.
I believe our law should be amended to make Jesus the head of state and the prime minister the representative of the head of state elected by the people.
This way, we will take full control of our land, resources, education system and destiny.

Christopher W Taweg