Time to change the way we think


AN opportune time has come for us to make a genuine new year’s resolution for a better life as we approach 2022.
The old and negative lifestyle should be discarded for a new one.
Change should firstly happen in our mind because our behavior is determined by the way we think and believe.
The kind of life we live emanates from the condition of our mind.
You are what you think.
If you think that you were born poor and cannot become a better person, then that is what you will become.
However, if you think that you were not born to be poor and you can become a better version of yourself, then that is exactly what you will become.
If you think that you are hopeless and insignificant, that is what you will live with as your identity.
It is the condition of our mind that validates what we believe and our belief system makes the difference in our lives.
A negative belief system will always manifest negative responses and results while a positive belief system will produce good reactions and results.
You can change for the better and brighter side of life if you can simply change the way you think.
Nobody can think for you because you have your own mind to think and decide what is best for yourself.
It is a pity that we are not taught on how to think well concerning life in our school system. No wonder, negative reactions and outcomes outweigh the positive responses and results in every sector of our society.
May 2022 be the year of a paradigm shift in the way we think about the essence and value of life, which has so much benefit spiritually, mentally and physically.

Pastor Isaac James