Time to clean up OCCES

Letters, Normal

I COMMEND John Mosoro for his stand in relation to the disgruntled OCCES staff (The National, Jan 7).
Most of these people did not get their jobs on merit, but through the whom-you-know system.
Dr Theo Yasause, was in charge of OCCES at that time, and his boys were doing the so-called casual jobs.
They pulled in some people whom they knew and eventually occupied the current positions which they are now sitting on and demanding their gratuity from.
These positions should be occupied by science graduates, not psychology or other arts graduates.
How much do they know about REDD, climate change, vulnerability and adaptation, GHG emissions etc?
They are a big shame and a laughing stock! How they were confirmed to those positions are questionable.
We talk about fighting corruption and this is one of it which we have to stand together and weed out to see justice take its course.
I also commend the NEC for the decision they made to abolish this office as most of the officers there are not qualified science graduates with experiences.
They have been getting too much pay for doing nothing.
So much money has been misused in wrong ways and reasons.
Give money only to those who are qualified and have some experiences.
Money has been paid to wrong people who are not qualified and this must stop, even in all government departments.
Check and make sure that people are there on merits before giving them their share of responsibilities and their allowances.


Port Moresby