Time to compete for delivering services

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 8th, 2013

 I WOULD like to comment on the performance of all parliamentarians.

When the PNC took office, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said in his speech that this was the time of implementation and delivering. 

On that note, are our MPs implementing what they are supposed to be delivering and make O’Neill’s call  a reality? 

Are there any tangible changes taking place? 

Are the people’s needs being met? 

Are there any changes to the national government’s goals in its Vision 2050 declaration, medium-term development plans and strategic development plans? 

If the government is good at coming up with such ideas, it is  time for all MPs to stop making a lot of noise in Parliament. 

It is time to compete between themselves to deliver what they have planned and owe to the people.

It is time for all MPs to study their colleagues’ provinces, electorates and districts. 

From there they should be able to assess the leadership qualities of fellow members and assess their own weaknesses so as to compete with him or her in delivering development.

People in this country have seen only a few changes through some of their leaders. 

Even though they did not get much money when compared to others, they did marvelous things and contributed to the economy. 

It is time for people to see changes.

The country needs leaders with the heart for the people and not those  guided solely by self-interest.

The country can now see that only a handful are genuine leaders.     

People now realise that these leaders will transform the country and leave a legacy in the hearts of many souls. 

Papua New Guineans are now assessing the performances of all the MPs and waiting to see if they can take the country to the next stage. 


Uli Walara 

Port Moresby