Time to get rid of the PMVs


IN addition to the letters about the bus service (The National, March 18), Papua New Guinea is the only country in the world to allow locals to run the PMV service, but they don’t comply with the PMV regulations all the time.
They misuse their privilege.
In Port Moresby city, if you live around Gerehu, you will notice that PMVs servicing routes 7 and 9 do not follow their designated route.
They change between 6-10am every working day and only travel from Gerehu to Waigani.
Commuters, including students and workers, going beyond Waigani to Gordon, 7-Mile, 6-Mile, 3-Mile, 4-Mile, etc, are left stranded.
In some schools like Wardstrip and Gordon secondaries, students who arrive after 8am are locked out of class.
All Gerehu residents are aware of that because it’s happening every morning in front of us and that is why we will support NCD taking over the running of the city’s bus services.
We want the governor to start his bus service with Gerehu as a pilot project and get rid of the privately owned PMVs running routes 7 and 9 as soon as possible.
At present, we are having to deal with rude bus drivers and crews and their poor services.
It’s time we the citizens of Port Moresby get a better deal.

Swamp fisherman

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