Time to give mobile gambling green light

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the mobile gambling that is currently being debated.
It is fascinating to read all the reasons to stop mobile gambling in PNG by certain individuals and institutions in PNG.
I wonder where they were all this while.
Besides all the negatives mobile gambling brings, what about beer, pokie machines, horse race, night clubs, cigarettes and so on?
Have any of these companies been successful in preventing underage people from consuming or using their products?
Don’t they also contribute to family poverty, lawlessness and so on?
I have seen children consuming alcohol, playing horse races, smoking, etc, everyday.
Has any effort been made to prevent Digicel or bemobile to stop their “little gambling” over the radio stations where listeners answer a question or play a “hunt game” to win K20,000?
Isn’t this also a form of gambling?
And I know for a fact many children do take part.
So stop jumping up and down.

Via email