Time to help West Papuans


OVER the years, armed clashes between the West Papua National Liberation Army and Indonesian security forces have caused the internal displacement of thousands of West Papuans.
Deadly attacks were repetitive in West Papua, inflicting suffering on civilians who flee to the bushes to escape violence and raids by Indonesian security forces.
In recent years, more West Papuans were brutally massacred for their voice for independence.
I’m deeply saddened by what our people across the border are experiencing.
In recent years, there has been a series of deadly gun fire exchanges in the highlands of Puncak Jaya, Nduga, Timika and Lanny Jaya.
The former Dutch colony has seen brutal bloodshed on for the sake of independence.
It is time to end the genocide.
West Papuans are humans.
It is worrying that Indonesia’s allies are silent about the ongoing conflict.
I urge countries from the Melanesian Spearhead Group to be more vocal at the United Nations’ meeting in New York, United States of America, come September.
I’m also appealing to Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s regime, through the Indonesian ambassador to Papua New Guinea, to constructively address the grievances of West Papuans.
It is in line with Indonesia’s international human rights obligations and the political commitments made in the Human Rights Council’s universal periodic review.
I am suggesting a renewal of calls for an independence referendum amid repression in the Indonesian-ruled Melanesian province.

Justin Max Undi,
Kerendah Village


  • West Papua Liberation Army, the Operasi Papua Merdeka and many other smaller groups operating armies for the same purpose have to unite and share common goals and visions to be independent so Pacific countries can observe their struggle. They have to unit under one leader and propose their agenda to the UN.
    Operating individual armies and fighting self style wars will not excite public interest.
    PNG united under one leader and gained independence, there were no individual armies fighting guerilla style wars so they have to learn how we achieved ours and rearrange their independence strategy, also do away with too many self style armies.

  • Rony Naigu, you are right…
    West Papuans have to stand clear in public forums/place and speak publicly for other Pacific brother countries to have support in any ways if possible. Their leader (may be Benny Wenda) have to represent them and take agenda to genuine or public for support their interest matter.

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