Time to implement capital punishment in PNG

Letters, Normal

I condemn the brutal murder of UPNG student Christopher Kalupai at Morata in a payback killing by rival clansmen purportedly from Enga as reported in The National (Oct 6).
I am sad to read about horrific murder in our young nation.
Tribal payback killings will continue to take place as long as nothing is taken prevent them from occuring again.
Why are we allowing such killings to happen in front of our mothers and children?
Countries like Australia and the United States, whose populations are bigger than ours, put the welfare of their people as top priority.
We have only six million people, yet we are not doing that.
I support the call by NCD metropolitan commander Supt Fred Yakasa to take every necessary step to investigate and arrest those involved and have them thrown behind bars.
These murderers must realise that we are now living in a civil society and this is not their village.
They must learn to treat everyone with respect.
I call on the government to implement the death penalty.
We need to hang or electrocute wilful murderers and rapists who continue to ignore the law, show no respect for human lives and continue to tarnish the reputation of our country.
The prime minister must take the necessary steps to enforce capital punishment before he retires to save this country.


Kei Dupaim
Port Moresby