Time to introduce ticketing system

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, June 22, 2011

IT is time Port Moresby and Lae live up to their names as “cities” and provide a decent and reliable transport service.
The authorities have to take a bold move to introduce the much talked about ticketing system so that the innocent commuters are not harassed by thugs and held ransom during bus strikes.
The advantages of providing an efficient PMV service with a ticketing system outweigh the disadvantages.
By improving the PMV service within the city li­mits by an established entity such as a business arm of NCDC or the Motor Vehicle Insurance Ltd (but ne­ver a private owner or an association of an ethnic group), the service will not only be clean and reliable but also time-oriented.
Instead of overloading PMVs contributing to road safety issues, a PMV ser­vice with specific timing in its service along with a ticketing system will go a long way to control and regulate the overloading and rushing problem that we currently face.
Just imagine, with a ticket, one will have to queue to access the service in a civilised manner instead of the current trend where everybody rushes to board a PMV even before it comes to a complete stop.
Only commuters with tickets are allowed to board a PMV.
To illustrate this appalling PMV service, I spend more than an hour to reach my destination which I could do so in half the time by a cab.
However, taxis are an expensive exercise which I do not intend to use.
An efficient PMV service would also reduce ownership of private cars, which are contributing to congestion during rush hour and increase carbon emissions.
I call upon NCD Governor Powes Parkop to fasttrack his vision of provi­ding a decent PMV service.


Pasindia 28
Port Moresby