Time to regulate the sale of spray paint


THERE is a need for the sale of spray paint in Papua New Guinea to be regulated, as is the case in some countries overseas.
These items are no longer sold only in industrial hardware stores because we can now find them available in almost every department and retail outlet.
Although spray paint is essential to the construction and maintenance industry, there is the growing concern on the impact it has on the environment and infrastructure.
Spray paints are used by artists in a creative sense. The negative side is how it is used to paint graffiti on walls and fences on both public and private properties.
Recently in Port Moresby, two newly built structures funded by the Chinese government – a bus stop shelter at 4-Mile Works Department and wall at a technical school at Sabama – were painted with graffiti soon after they were erected.
These are common all over PNG.
There is a need for a law to control the sale and distribution of the spray paint to try and keep it away from the hands of vandals.

Hunters Tok Stret

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