Time to replace top cop with a visionary leader

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your report “Baki orders stop to private escorts” (Oct 18).
I agree with his remarks on certain issues that he raised as they were part of the police standing orders and members of the constabulary are bound to adhere to these instructions.
They have been reminded time and again and through the commissioner’s circular.
However, those simple instructions, for some unknown reasons, have fallen on deaf ears.
Other members of the RPNGC cannot be blamed for long term implementation of these orders and instructions.
All commissioned officers, including the police commissioner himself should be blamed for the lack of self-discipline and control of the RPNGC.
It appears the commissioner has just woken up.
Has he really been sleeping?
The RPNGC is in a real mess and the commissioner must be held responsible. 
There is no pride, incentives, cooperation, etc.
It is evident the commanders have their own empire within the RPNGC, thus creating division, discrimination and chaos within the organisation.
I urge the government to remove Gari Baki.
He has failed as commissioner and there is no progress since he entered office.
The RPNGC failed to achieve its corporate goals and objectives.
The community policing concept, a vital component and a mechanism in addressing law and order issues, has been thrown out of the window.
There are many areas affecting the RPNGC.
I call on the authorities to look into the force and conduct a thorough investigation.
We need a visionary leader to take up the commissioner’s post before it is too late.


Mangi Air Niugini
Port Moresby