Time to reverse brain drain

Letters, Normal

I applaud the comments by the visiting Governor-General of New Zealand (“NZ regards PNG as power house”, The National, Sept 30).
I treat his comments as a challenge and the message is that PNG must manage its resources properly.
The question is does PNG have sufficient human resources to manage and develop its natural resources on its own or does it need to depend on external expertise?
It is a worry that highly educated PNG intellectuals are moving overseas to look for a better life.
Is the Government aware of this growing trend of “brain drain”?
Does it have any specific and strategic plans to stop this?
Does the Government have a record of AusAID ADS scholars who have graduated and about to graduate?
Does the Government have any plans to use these intellects?
PNG is blessed to have natural resources.
Some of our resources have a lifespan as they are not renewable.
In order to be self-reliant, we need our own educated locals.
I have no doubt about the ability of our highly educated people to develop and bring our country to another level.
But what is important is for the Government to recognise, support and motivate these people to return to the country.
The New Zealand GG is right to call on the PNG Government to encourage Papua New Guineans working overseas to return and help build our country.


Melbourne, Australia