Time to review fight against HIV/AIDS

Letters, Normal

Millions of dollars have been spent on the HIV/AIDS campaign, that is for sure, Lisa-Williams Lahari (“Unprotected sex puts the people at risk”, Feb 8).
As an advocate, some of that money would have to go to fund your advocacy.
I can appreciate your concerns.
We cannot afford to review the message or perhaps even think that there might be other options available. It would be like cutting the breadline.
Nothing in The National’s editorial (Feb 5) is emotive, misleading or fictional.
Despite the millions of dollars spent, despite the millions of condoms distributed, what you have advocated is not working.
This virus marches on and is decimating populations.
Human behaviour towards casual sex has not changed.
Why not be less defensive?
Why not sit back and ask yourself truly, have all we have done been effective?
Maybe it is time to do a review.
That is what the editorial suggested.
Fear of the virus, as the editorial correctly said, is the only weapon against this virus.
Fear will make a person abstain from sex if uncertain.
Fear will drive a person to remain faithful to one partner.
Fear will make a person change his/her promiscuous behaviour.
Fear will even make the person put on a condom or insist that one is used.
In removing fear, this campaign has made the condom appear like the saviour, which most definitely is not.
This virus might mutate as viruses normally do and become deadlier.
If that were to happen, what message will you be advocating next?
In removing fear and moral principles and other aspects of good, positive and holy family living, which by your letter you have little regard for, you can only be promoting promiscuity and the continuation of this abomination.
Inadvertently, may be, but quite so.
We live in ignorance of the source and cure for this virus.
We do not know what future form it will take.
While we live in ignorance, let us examine all options and not put all our eggs in the condom basket, shall we?


Bisil Khu
Via e-mail