Time to review guards’ salary

Letters, Normal

THE guards of Morobe Menyamya Security Services deserve a round of applause by every Lae resident for the unwavering efforts they have put in to combat petty crimes in the notorious bus stops of Eriku, town and market.
Since its inception, the public, especially women and children, have been feeling safe when doing shopping in Lae.
Pick-pocketing, illegal street sales, intimidation and harassment of the public have come to almost an end.
However, the meagre salary of K70 per fortnight is insufficient for a security guard, who has to brave the hot sun manning the bus stops and ensuring the public is safe.
Being a breadwinner, I cannot comprehend the wages these security guards are earning.
There is no way they can sustain their families for two weeks given the soaring cost of living in Lae.
I call on the Lae city council, the provincial government and Morobe Governor Luther Wenge and Lae MP Bart Philemon to urgently look into their remuneration package and review it immediately.
Unless they are paid fairly, they will lose interest as time passes.
I see history repeating itself. Already illegal street sales are appearing in the front of Zero City supermarket, Westpac Bank and Bowmans Hardware at Eriku, town and market respectively.


Victim of petty crime