Time to review organic law


PAPUA New Guinea is struggling as a developing nation in terms of economy and infrastructure development.
However the people’s attitude and behaviour is a great risk for this young nation.
The constitution created by our founding fathers is outdated, weak and needs urgent review.
Our founding fathers at the time thought things would be good in the future as what it was before.
But it is not. Corruption and crime is at its peak.
The government has no hope in controlling its people.
Introduce the death penalty and give power to the police to execute shoot to kill orders.
Increase the jail terms of law breakers – no light sentences such as six months imprisonment; give 5-10 years for serious cases or 15-30 years or even life sentence or death penalty.
This will send a clear message to law breakers. If people cannot change we should use the law to force them to change.
We cannot continue to sit and say PNG is a Christian country and the death penalty is against our Christian principles.
Time to change is now.

Wel Temai,
H2O Simbu,

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