Time to review our electoral process

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday, May 2, 2011

THE next general election is about a year away before the writs are issued.
I have always been critical about the behaviour and performance of some MPs in this column.
I have even suggested we scrape the current voting system and only nominate and appoint credible lea­ders to parliament rather than electing themlike we are doing now.
This will not only save time and costs but also prevent some politicians from entering parliament through illegal means.
At the same time, we must relocate the current house in Waigani, away from the evil haus tambaran.
These nominated people will represent the four regions of the country which can be headed by the governor-general or chief justice as head of state with all the departmental heads taking over the ministerial portfolios.
I know that to do this, we have to re­write our constitution and revolutionise the entire voting process.
However, I believe this will enable us to escape from the political bondage that we endure today.
Thirty-six years after achieving independence, our living standards have not improved.
In fact, the majority of the people are worse off today than we were before 1975.
The prices of goods and services today are sky high, an increase in law and order problems, deteriorating infrastructure, high rate of school, college and university dropouts, high percentage of unemployed people with paper qualification and people dying of curable diseases due to rundown hospitals and lack or no basic drugs, equipment and staff.
With only a population of six million people and despite boasting world-class mines, our people have remained poor and many are living below the poverty level.
I really find this hard to comprehend and it remains a mystery.
Not a single MP suggested introducing and passing anti-graft laws and impose severe penalties such as death sentence except for the NCD governor and Bulolo MP, who are both strongly against corruption.
Obviously the other MPs cannot support such a bill because they are tainted.
PNG is already in ICU and needs the best doctors to revive it before it becomes a failed state.
Therefore, I ask my fellow citizens to be wary and vote for the candidates based on the following:
* Candidates must understand the set laws and parliamentary procedures; 
* Candidates must be literate and of sound mind and at least have a minimum qualification of Grade 10; 
* University degree holders must have prior working experience either with government or private sector;
* Candidates must have a proven previous track record of good leadership and management skills; 
* Candidates must not be an aspiring businessmen or women who have personal interests; 
* Candidates must be fully committed to serve the people; 
* He must have only one wife; 
* Candidates must protect and conserve our environment, pristine forest and culture; 
* Candidates must be visionary and have a heart for the well-being of the country and its people; 
* Candidates who are against bribery and corruption; and 
* Candidates who know the fundamental role and duties of being politicians.


Steven S. Palisa
Port Moresby