Time to start afresh, says Danaya

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The National, Wednesday 4th January 2012

Western Governor Dr Bob Danaya said in his New Year message yesterday that people, go­vernment and foreigners should take stock of their actions and make a fresh start.
He said New Year was time for forgiveness and reconciliation – “a year for doing the right things by obeying the rules, the laws, guidelines and the procedures and to live an honest and peaceful life”.
It was a year to look back and “do what is right by changing one’s attitudes and actions”.
“This is a year when everyone should be ta­king stock of their doings and change lives if their actions have not been appropriate to others,” he said.
“It is a time for all church leaders to be ho­nest and be examples in their daily living.
“This is a time for the unions and the NGOs to practise what they believe and stand to represent through their actions.
“It is a time for the public servants to understand and follow the laws, guidelines and procedures so that they meaningfully serve the people.
“It is a time for foreign investors and foreign guests to refrain from interfering in local politics by using their money and power to induce lea­ders for their benefit.
“The New Year is a time for the government to consider reviewing and making amendments to its existing mining, education, judiciary, forestry and fisheries laws, including the Public Service Management Act.
“It is also equally important to look back and review the foreign policies, which must be seen to incorporate laws that will benefit the Melanesian cultures and further have laws that will recognise the Melanesian brothers in the region,” Danaya said.
He said at the same time, PNG should look at protecting its national sovereignty and at strategic approaches in protecting it.