Time to take back Southern Highlands


CORRUPTION and unaddressed problems have marked the past decade and is now synonymous with the Southern Highlands leadership.
Cronyism and nepotism has been the order of business for the incumbent regime.
Compelled by these failures together with the missed opportunities, the concerned Southern Highlanders who couldn’t stand and watch their beloved province deteriorate further, are coming together for a change of leadership.
We cannot continue to sit and blame the incumbent provincial government or say Governor William Powi is a bad person.
Because he is the one many of us who voted him despite his election being alleged to be rigged and the special circumstances are being now contested in court.
Powi’s failure as a leader is carefully measured and well resonated by his own master plan.
Simply put, he didn’t live by the creed of his noble intent, therefore, he is merely a victim of his own design.
We are appealing to every Southern Highlands people for a new lease of life.
This includes all leaders, churches, businesses houses, non-government bodies and others who desire sound leadership, decency and order in the province.
On this juncture, let’s pause and reminisce the leadership of our pioneers in Ronald Neville, Wiwa Korowi, Francis Pusal and the premiers who with little money have accomplished many things.
All the landmark developments in the province you see from Paunda Hydro to power lines, telephone lines, roads, high schools, nursing colleges, plantations, farms and internal revenue production are all legacies of our pioneer leaders.
Can we go back to the kind of leadership Southern Highlands had in those formative years?
Certainly, we can and we will.
We will start by changing ourselves as individuals first.
This will begin with the change of our mindset, attitude and character.
Once we can see and think clearly, we can then elect the right kind of people to lead us.
The movement for change will align all like-minded Southern Highlands people in all walks of life to join on this historic march.
The aim is to restore Southern Highlands to its glory days by way of correcting the pertinent errors blocking progress such as political cronyism, patronising and claim culture.
Reopen an improved development pathway.
A pathway that will guarantee optimum service delivery and secure the best possible returns for the province.
For once Southern Highlands will realise its immensely untapped potential in its people and natural resources.
We are now witnessing the dawning of a new era.

David Lepi