Time to take stock MPs’ performance


WITH the National General Election around the corner, we take stock of our performance. In the East Development Forum on Facebook, we have started the appraisal of their leaders.
Some things we took into account were:
l KEY performance areas (KPAs) – how did he perform (on a scale of 1-10) in service delivery in education, health, economic, infrastructure, law and order, culture and tourism, ecclesiastical, national, regional and international political fronts, etc.
l KEY result areas – did he achieve in these KPAs? and,
l CHARACTER ethics – I incorporated this in the candidate’s selection criteria when I was provincial secretary and acting president of Pangu Pati’s ESP branch between 2006 and 2012:
The principles of character ethics are used in all societies to make and judge a leader.
These principles are:
– Integrity: The spirit of being honest and morally uncorrupt;
– Humility: The spirit of not being boastful or not being big time;
– Fidelity: The spirit of being faithful to principles and to one’s wife or husband;
– Temperance: The spirit of self restrain and self control:
– Courage: The spirit of not being afraid to stand for what is right:
– Patience: The spirit of accepting delays and problems without complaining;
– Industry: The spirit of being hardworking;
– Simplicity: The spirit of living without luxury;
– Service: The Spirit of working for others;
– Modesty: The spirit of not being a show off;
– Excellence: The spirit of promoting high quality and not accepting mediocrity;
– Growth: The spirit of releasing potential and developing talents;
– Fairness: The spirit of not favouring a particular person or group; and,
– Human dignity: The spirit of treating everyone with respect.
Appraise well, vote well and save PNG going in the pits of hell.
God be with us always!

Cyril Gare
Via email