Timely call to remove tint from police cars

Letters, Normal

I support the move by the police commissioner to end all abuse and misuse of police vehicles.
It is high time all tints are removed as it gives police personnel reason to conduct illegal acts.
Unmarked and heavily tinted police vehicles and uniforms are known to have been used for the wrong purposes.
As such, the commissioner’s statement comes at a right time and it is a relief for many innocent Papua New Guineans.
The police department should go even further by having all its vehicles painted in the traditional colour of blue.
These days, you cannot even distinguish between a police vehicle and a private vehicle.
Only a handful of unmarked and untinted vehicles should be used by detectives and for undercover operations.
This will reduce high instances of police abusing their powers and continuous brutality on civilians.
This has gone on unchecked for too long.
However, it is easier said than done so we will see what happens next.

Seko Sisiwan
Port Moresby