Timon endures all, makes sacrifices to fulfil mission

Timon Willie (left) with his two best friends at Boreboa Primary School grade 8 graduation in 2015.

AT 13, Timon Willie left his parents, his seven siblings and his beautiful village in Kuare, Kagua- Erave district, Southern Highlands after being promised to receive a good education in Port Moresby.
That was in 2012. His parents gave him K500 and said goodbye. They had been assured by a relative that he would take care of Timon, telling them he had a big house and car.
But it was not to be. There was no big house and car. Timon’s young mind knew then that his life in the capital city would not be what he was promised.
To cut a long story short, he has in the past seven years in Port Moresby relied on the generosity of people he hardly knew to help him survive.
He has been living in the homes of relatives and friends, even in church compounds while trying to accomplish his mission of getting a good education in the capital city.
He thanks everyone who have helped him with bus fares, lunch and shelter.
He was told when he arrived in Port Moresby in October 2012 that he would start school in 2013. But when the academy year started, his relative said she was busy and didn’t have time to go find a school for him. Timon began to worry.
One morning, he walked from Morata to the Boreboa Primary School in North Waigani. He walked into the gate and asked a student to show him the head teacher’s office. He waited until everyone had gone into their classrooms before he knocked at the head teacher’s office. The head teacher, a Mister Boge, invited him in, thinking he had come with his parents.
After a while, Timon told him that he came alone, saying his parents were busy.
He began to cry, muttering: “I badly want to be in school. Can you help me please?”
Mister Boge sensed that the boy badly needed help. He gave Timon a pat on the shoulder and told him to go and buy his uniform, and to start school the next Monday.
“I couldn’t stop the tears of joy as I shook his hand and thanked him many times.”
Timon was happy, He ran home to his relative and told her he had found a school. He asked her to assist him with buying his uniform. She gave him K100.
On Monday, he wore his uniform ready for school. He was teased by other children in the house but he ignored them.
“I was happy that it was my first day of school.”
The head teacher took Timon to Class 6A.
Later, Timon left the home he was staying in and moved in with another relative. He then went to stay with a friend.
“I left him when he got married and went to stay at a church.”
He completed Grade 12 at Gerehu Secondary School last year. His grades especially in English were poor. So he is now working on upgrading his marks through FODE and continue to work towards his goal of becoming an accountant or teacher.
Timon, now 21, is currently working as a security guard so that he can pay for his textbooks.
He misses his parents and siblings. But he tells himself he will only go back to them when he has fulfilled what he came to Port Moresby for in the first place – to get a good education and find a job.
Until then, security guard Timon knows he just has to overcome more challenges and make more sacrifices.
“I left my home, my parents and my siblings to get a good education. I want go back as someone who did accomplish his mission.”


  • It is students like this that have really benefited from the Free Education Policy. As a single parent I am also proud to say that this Policy has helped me financially to get my kids up to higher grade with no hiccups. Thank you Timon for your touching story it will motivate others to strive and do better in life.

  • This is commitment and motivation to other children.
    Timon Willie has potential leadership qualities that will one day serve and earn him status in his family, community and PNG.
    God bless you young man, I uphold your dignity and respect.

  • Timon has a dream. We can help him achieve his dream. We are willing to offer him a space at Goroka Technical College in our business studies program or vehicle trade (mechanic) program. Mechanic program will be for 2021 since registration has closed and business studies for our second semester, 2020, which will be in July this year. Anyone reading this reply, whether National newspaper or public, please, forward this this email to him; gkatechnical@gmail.com , and ask for the D/Principal Administration.

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