TIPNG, partners to hold workshop on initiative

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 17th April 2013

 TRANSPARENCY International (TI) PNG and its collaborators involved in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in PNG will hold the inaugural EITI workshop in Alotau next week.

TIPNG executive director, Emily George Taule, said the purpose of the workshop from April 22-26 was to communicate the EITI to the wider civil society in an attempt to create awareness on the initiative and its benefits, as well as identify and legitimise community service organisation (CSO) on the EITI for PNG.

“The workshop will also provide an opportunity to develop a CSO communication strategy on the EITI based on the outcomes of this workshop,” she said.

The theme of the workshop is “Communicating the EITI-enhanced dialogue and building trust between the state, industry and citizens’.

“This workshop is for the benefit of civil society in PNG.”

The EITI is a global standard that promotes reve­nue transparency.

It has a robust yet flexible methodology for monitoring and reconciling company payments and government revenues at the country level.

 Each implementing country creates its own EITI process which is overseen by participants from the government, companies and national civil society. 

The international EITI board and the international secretariat are the guardians of the EITI methodology internationally.