TIPNG questions PM over his position on Maladina amendment

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TRANSPARENCY International PNG (TIPNG) has called on Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare to declare his position on the proposed Maladina amendment to the Leadership Code and the Constitution.
TIPNG said Sir Michael had openly stated his disgust at the rampant corruption that gripped the Government system.
He has acknowledged the exposure of this problem by backing the Commission of Inquiry into the Finance Department and the work of the Public Accounts Committee.
However, Sir Michael’s efforts to bring real and lasting change to the way Government services are managed will be become permanently hijacked by the damaging amendment put forward by Esa’ala MP Moses Maladina.
TIPNG chairman Peter Aitsi said the community stood ready to support the Prime Minister’s call to get serious in the fight against corruption.
“What we now need is real action.
“Sir Michael has supported the Commission of Inquiry into the Finance Department.
“He presided over the ratification on the UN convention against corruption and the drafting of a national anti-corruption strategy.
“However, all of these well-intentioned acts will come to nothing if he does not oppose the Maladina amendment,” Mr Aitsi said in a statement released yesterday.
He said the growing public opposition to the Maladina amendment demonstrated a widespread concern that the Ombudsman Commission’s remaining power to protect the integrity of public office will be stamped out.
“We look to Sir Michael for clear leadership and to assure the public by expressing opposition to the amendment,” Mr Aitsi said.