TIPNG runs media workshop for youths

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The National, Wednesday 8th May 2013

 TRANSPARENCY International PNG (TIPNG) through its Youth Against Corruption Association (YACA) is running its second Media Smart Youth Workshop in Port Moresby.

The purpose of the workshop is for YACA members to understand the role of the media in a democracy, for it to use the mass media to disseminate information about and promote the work, values and activities of YACA and for YACA members to learn skills that will help them produce media products.

Speakers during the workshop include facilitators from TIPNG and founding director Richard Kassman, Masalai Communications, singer and songwriter Allen Kedea and freelance photographer and website designer Robert Weber. 

The youth of PNG face a lot of challenges in their day-to-day lives and are forgotten victims of corruption, left without the opportunity to voice their opinions and a chance to commit to a positive youth oriented organisation which will give them a chance to develop the leadership skills necessary to move their families and community in a positive future. 

YACA provides young people a platform on which they can voice their concerns and opinions and be heard. It is a youth run association that is committed to opposing corruption. 

Skills acquired at the workshop will enable YACA members to use the media in creating more awareness and empower other youth to make an active choice against corruption. 

The participants will undertake an intensive week of training on writing press releases, photography, TV and radio scripting, developing blogs and organising a press conference.

YACA has more activities planned for the year, including youth forums, International Video Conferences, a sports clinic and a song contest.