TIPNG to host exhibit

National, Normal

The National, Monday 13th Febuary 2012

TRANSPARENCY International PNG will hold an exhibition in Port Moresby on Thursday to promote the fight against corruption.
The theme of the exhibition is “Wake up PNG” and aims to generate more awareness on corruption and its effects, plus what Papua New Guineans can do to stop it.
The exhibition is part of TIPNG’s continued effort to build relationships and empower people to fight corruption.
One way of doing that is to convert people’s interest to membership.
When people become a member of TIPNG, they not only contribute to funding TIPNG but also increase the anti-corruption movement in this country.
TIPNG encourages people to visit the membership desk during the exhibition to get more information.
The event will also highlight the important anti-corruption and good governance work of the TIPNG’s many partners.
TIPNG needs the help of the government, the private sector and ordinary citizens to take ownership of the fight against corruption and work together to promote good governance.
TIPNG’s network partners will also take part in the exhibition.